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House of Morningstar - PVP PVE SOCIAL AND FREE TRADE - Dove_SMPDSM ps4 msg.


House of Morningstar was established at Game Launch June of 2015. We are NOT a relaxed player or casual play guild. Guild Members are expected to be House oriented and doing their best to make all of Morningstar all that she can be.

You must be 18+ with a mic, active and social as a pre-requisite. A Guild Application and Training Session is required within your first week of entry to remain in Morningstar, which you will go over with a designated Guild Master or Council Member. Please do NOT do your Guild Application on your own. You are expected to remain active and social with your fellow Guild Members.

You will not come into our House and abuse and use our members. Our members are willing to put anything on the line for each other, and I have seen them burn into the ground for each other. They have run 37-hour days without food or sleep to assist members that wanted to level quickly, and have offered to drive across states to pick up and put up members in tentative life situations. This is NOT the place for those who are not loyal.

There is a 0-tolerance policy for abusive behavior of any kind within the House, as disease is not allowed to remain in Her system.

This is a gaming community, and as such she is NOT limited to simply ESO PS4. We are currently dropping The Morningstar Initiative into Fallout 76 and House of Morningstar PC into Elder Scrolls Online for PC platform. We may or may not drop a Morningstar Minecraft for our member’s children to play together in the future. We also may drop a Morningstar Neverwinter at some point. Limitations aren’t our style.

Morningstar offers first and foremost support, both in game and out of game, whether for game related content or real-life issues. All members are expected to be consciously aware are all times that your fellow members are first and foremost, people on the other end of your mic and screen. We view you as the person first and the gamer second.
This is a family, not a gaming Guild.

Our ranks are not based on a power structure but on service and responsibility. In Morningstar, you request a rank, you are not assigned it. Upon requesting a rank, you are making a Vow to the House that you are at its service in a designated capacity, within your capability. Ranks denote your specialty and content. Merchants handle trading and gold, Generals handle PVP content, Dungeoneers handle PVE content. You get the idea.

Guild Masters and H.O.M. Sub Guild Division Heads are on call 24/7 365. They are REQUIRED to assist you if able. This includes if they are offline or out of game. Your GM’s are watching over the House at all times through Discord, PS4 message app, Facebook and Community Page.

We have ranks for all aspects of game play – Trials, dungeons, trading, PVP, battlegrounds, guild information, real life support assistance, whatever you need.

We have 4 Guildhalls that include crafting stations, DPS test dummies, and other amenities. There are two Morningstar Arena’s and Morningstar Mara Chapels. Traders are maintained by the House as a whole, and our current Guild Trader is Muheh in Rawl’kha. We have Merchants that REPLACE the AI trader should the House not have one. Vampire and werewolf bites are free. We even have interior decorators and Master Crafters.

We have a Morningstar Gauntlet as a challenge to all GM’s who would like to prove their QUALITY by MORNINGSTAR’S STANDARDS. If you would like to run the Gauntlet, be warned, it is no easy feat, but a permanent Alliance with the House and 1 million gold from Dove’s pocket is on the line. Many have failed, none have yet won in her history.

We have had Guild Masters request that we train them. This is on a select basis and at the House’s discretion. We are, after all, built not to be a game guild, but change gaming history and how gaming is done. However, please understand, you gotta take care of House and Home first.

The Guild Bank is fully secured, and un-robbable. Your donations are safe with the House.

We have a separate currency system, called Rewards Points (RP) by which you may earn free in game items from the House for everything from donations of gold or any form of item in the game to your activities running with members and other forms of support and activity.

We also have a PayPal set up in which members may donate $1 to assist members in obtaining DLC content, upgrades, PS+ and ESO +. This is of course given out on a selective basis.

Facebook, Community Page, Discord and Website (

There are no level, experience, DPS or faction requirements to join Morningstar.

I’m sure we have much more in our future…..

Whisper or PS4 Message Dove_SMPDSM on PS4.

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