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Just a quick idea for a *working* trial group finder.

I know the idea of a trial group finder has always been thought of as impossible since trials typically need people who know what they are doing and people who *do* know what they are doing don't necessarily want to train every new player. Here's the idea:

Trial finder is for specific trials. Unlocked per character, per role, per trial, per difficulty (vet unlocks vet and normal) once they have completed it x times (maybe 3? 5?). For example, if I have completed normal Aetherian Archive 5 times as a healer; trial finder for normal AA has been unlocked for this character as a healer. If i've done veteran MoL as a dps x times then normal and vet MoL is unlocked for this character in a dps role.
  • BuddyAces
    Or you could stand in craglorn yelling in chat to form a pug. Going to be less of a waste of time than a trial finder.
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  • increase2005
    Soul Shriven
    How does the game recognize roles fulfilled? You can easily just change roles to dps and then actually be heal. The roles being proper in trials are just organizational tools.
  • HallowedUndead
    This is over a month old, but it would be awful. Fake tanks in there would make the whole group dispand
  • redlink1979
    Trial finder suggestion: travel to Craglorn (or other zones that have trials) and ask on zone chat for the roles you need. Depending on roles, groups can be formed pretty fast.
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