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Removal of cool down penalty (PC-N/A) Or any region/platform

Hello and good day.

So since it's common knowledge now that queuing a dungeon wait times have exponentially increased by a factor of 60%, when we finally do get into a dungeon, if there are bad dps, horrible or fake tank, and or same for healer, if we decide to disband group or simply leave on our own then the penalty of waiting to queue another dungeon should be removed as we already know we will be waiting a minimum of about 35 minutes to over an hour to be queued back in.

Requesting removal of the dungeon queue cool down time.

Thank you.
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Hello, if you are reading this I truly and deeply apologize. As of November 11th, 2018 I have officially canceled my Eso plus subscription as I am unable to properly play this game. As of the last week of September through the 1st week of November, high end ping, lag, disconnects have been so atrocious it had made this game completely unplayable. You can find me in other Multiplayer MMO's if need be, however as for ESO, I have no choice in the matter but to discontinue. Thank you, with love, hugs and blessings.
  • El_Borracho
    While I hate queuing for 20-30 minutes, only to find out that the tank is a fake tank, thus rendering the last 20-30 minutes an utter waste of time, I sadly have to disagree. But only because I fear the alternative. People quitting out of frustration, or using dungeons as a time filler until a spot opens in a trial or other dungeon, or people who just want to farm for gear bailing out too soon would be more prevalent. There has to be something to encourage people to stay in and stick with it.

    You could even put the DLC dungeons aside and use vet Banished Cells 2 for an example That final boss is brutal. I have yet to be in a group that burned him down in hard mode without it taking a considerable length of time, at least in comparison to most other final bosses. Allowing people to quit, likely mid-fight would hose the rest of the group. Its one think to kick someone, its another to allow people who need instant gratification to bail at the first sign of trouble.
  • Druid40
    Ask your group to kick you. I wanted to leave once because the finder bugged and sent me to normal. The group was kind enough to oblige me.
  • HallowedUndead
    Sounds like a good idea, but i feel like there should almost be a thing to ask you why you left the dungeon and the game could check to see if there was an issue. I know it's a little excessive, and maybe crazy. I almost always play as a tank or healer, so i do get upset when the dps in a dlc dungeon are like cp 70, even when i did a specific search.
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