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Did they get the new milegates backwards?

So I have been checking out the new Cyrodiil changes and while i like pretty much all of it, I've noticed something i thought is a bit weird.

Lets say you are AD (yellow) and want to go north to attack DC (blue). You'll get to these milegates that have the ramparts on the DC side, so they are cleary meant to be defensive in favor of DC.

HOWEVER, when the gate is repaired, everyone can just pass right through, so the best defensive option for DC would be to destroy their own gate, making it so AD have to repair DCs defensive structure to pass.

Shouldnt it be the other way round? That AD has to destroy the gate/wall to pass and DC have to repair it to keep it locked?

(Same goes for AD attacking EP)

Am i missing something?
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  • Zorgon_The_Revenged
    I thought these structures were alliance neutral, anyone can destroy them and once destroyed nobody can pass.

    (The real game is alliance A + B attacking it and the one that makes alliance C's ball group fall to their death from the top wins.)
  • Dudis
    DC can go on the ramparts and jump over the wall though, if the gate is destroyed. AD cant pass without repairing.
  • VaranisArano
    I think the defending alliance has a choice between "Do I destroy the milegate so they cant get through and protect my faction score or do I leave it up so I can farm them for AP as they rush the choke point? Decisions, decisions."
    AD has to destroy both ends of the gate. DC only has to destroy the middle. It's the same for the EP / DC gate but in EP's favor. Therefore in theory the gates between AD and EP should be in AD's favor but instead you have bridges, but instead EP has a town in the front line so i guess that makes up for it.

    EP -> DC -> AD - > EP
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  • Dudis
    Oh, so you can destroy the two ramparts-parts to the sides aswell, so the "defending" alliance cant climb over it?
  • XamXam777
    Dudis wrote: »
    Oh, so you can destroy the two ramparts-parts to the sides aswell, so the "defending" alliance cant climb over it?

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