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Cyrodiil buffs bugged in EU AD

[EU PC] AD has emperor and ghartok scroll in Shor but both the emp health and offensive scroll buff is missing.

And in Vivec, AD has its scrolls only and at Faregyl but we have offensive-defensive scroll buffs, enemy keep buff and emperor health buffs.

This happened to many people in zone chat and nobody had any luck fixing it. Relogging or re-entering the zone doesn't fix it.

What did you broke @ZOS ??
Edited by Soris on October 18, 2018 7:01PM
Welkynd [Templar/AD/EU]
  • Leeched
    Ah, maybe this is the first step of ZOS trying to balance the dominant and overpopulated faction - wtb the same for Sotha EP :trollface:
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    Same thing happens on AD Vivec NA. The last two times we've had emperor the whole faction has been missing the emperor health bonus and re logging didn't fix the issue.
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  • Feanor
    Yeah something is off. I’ve had 21k HP in Sotha when 19k is normal for my AD main char. EP had Emp. No Ayleid Well buff either, and no Minor Toughness.
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  • zyk
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler PC/NA/Vivec/AD emped tonight with no faction hp bonus.
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  • coplannb16_ESO
    EP had emp bonus when we didnt have emp so I guess the update simply doesnt work at the moment.
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  • dtsharples
    Has happened numerous times to DC EU over the last few months.
    No scroll bonuses, no Emperor bonuses.
    It was actually so common at one point that it became a bit of an ongoing joke.
    Funnily enough nobody bothered to write a complaint on the forum though, maybe someone should have mentioned it :#
  • Soris
    MLRPZ wrote: »
    it's written in the small lines of the TOS : "when a faction has been PvDooring for more than 2 years, they don't get any buffs

    Hahahah maybe the opposite. Because ad is the one usually morningcap entire map and last night in vivec they had only 3 keeps without any scroll but they had every single buff in cyro.
    Welkynd [Templar/AD/EU]
  • heng14rwb17_ESO
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