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Seriously? LF GUILD

Soul Shriven
Looking for a guild that does stuff together, has mics, runs dungeons, undaunted. Mostly communicates, some of these guilds its like not even being in one, no one talks.
  • greenmachine
    Check out the APF Recruitment thread

    If that sounds like what you're looking for let us know and we'll get an invite sent out
    greenmachine513 PS4-NA
    GM of Aldmeri People's Front
    Ionien - Altmer Mag Sorc Stormproof | Dr Jonny Fever - Breton Healplar | Bernie Dresden - Dunmer MagDK | Crushasaurus Rex - Argonian Stam DK
    Ser Greywulf - Nord DK Tank | Meow Kapwn - Khajit Magblade | Twink Versatile - Bosmer Stamblade | Loke-Tarr - Orc Stamden | Juicy Thunderthighs - Redguard Stamsorc | Frizz Grizzberg - Magden | Hax Killstealer - Dunmer Mag Sorc

  • qbit
    They’re all over the place recruiting all the time. I’m in four trade guilds that do all the above and more. Like the chat never stops and there are almost daily trial events etc requiring voice chat. People constant grouping for whatever activities make sense. One guild does events nightly where the GM assassinates people and the group loots the bodies. Easy money. They do skyshard runs in Cyro (which I’m going to take advantage of soon). All kinds of stuff. Just keep playing and respond to zone chat invites. I’ve found that the really accommodating guilds require weekly dues. But I came to those guilds for the traders and was pleasantly surprised by the number of fun group events they organize. Your mileage may vary. Point is, I never did anything beyond respond to zone chat guild recruiting invites and pay my dues. If you don’t like a guild, leave and join another!
  • Sookmagook
    Hi @allen405 ! Your welcome to give us a try. Our link is below. We are very active, communicate via discord mostly (we don't tend to hang out in in-game voice chat), but when grouped we are mic'd. Daily guild activities of all sorts. Message me for invite either in our recruitment post or on PSN.

    PSN Sookmagook NA PS5/PC
    GM of New Scrolls Order
  • VikingBerserker
    Check out Moon Sugar Gang a 420 friendly social guild. We group daily, run trials weekly, have discord, and an active guild chat.
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