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Bots took over Camlorn

I recorded the bots in Camlorn on Mixer. I was only able to broadcast a few minutes because I was close to crashing from the Botpocalypse. It took me forever to do the quests in that town because they had me lagging too hard to fight. I turned name tags on and it should be be on my mixer channel for all to see. GMs! Go freaking do something! I won't keep paying for a game I can't play because the GMs won't keep it at least FUNCTIONAL! People have been talking about the bots there in Zone chat all day.
  • Hellsdemon169
    Soul Shriven
    Welcome to my world. The Gamemasters refuse to do anything about this in Xbox. The only thing that might work is getting players to go to bot infested areas and report them to Microsoft. It’s sad when the developers don’t even care about moderating the consoles but they will do it all day for pc.
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