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Xbox One X performance

One X performance is pretty poor in towns and graphically intense areas. We need an option for 1080p while keeping the other graphics enhanced. 4K is simply too much for the hardware. Dropping to 1080p would still look good with the ambient occlusion, shadows and water but likely give us consistent 30fps or even 60fps if they allowed it. Hoping a dev reads this........
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  • Excaltic
    What the devs need to do is give the Xbox One X a performance option, so that we have a choice to choose standard Xbox One (non X) graphic settings if we want to at 1080p.

    But yeah, cities and water area's (rivers, streams and waterfalls) are really slow now (15 fps). It's just the reflections and lighting that is causing the slowdown, not the number of people.
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  • NewBlacksmurf
    The performance issues aren't graphics having graphic options will not address the issue the OP is making.

    The issue is largely due to the game performance requiring a better CPU as this game does not use most CPU's properly.
    Not sure that giving us anything on xbox in a menu is going to solve this unless they add CPU driven performance settings in the PC and console menus.

    Im also on PC using a i7 8700 @3.20 gig, 32 gig of ram and a GTX 1060 on an SSD HD
    -While things are towns, etc. it still slows down cause the game doesn't use the CPU as it should so I'm told
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  • Lexcro
    An option to run in 1080p would greatly improve performance. 4K is just too much for the hardware......sure there may still be some slowdown but I’d say we’d see at least 30fps pretty well constantly with the other graphics enhancements still in place.
    People deserve to be treated with respect, even on the internet.
  • Suddwrath
    The Xbox One X is always going to experience lower frames in towns/trials/Cyro since the Xbox CPU is pretty underwhelming and ESO is an extremely heavy CPU-reliant game (largely due to the mess known as "Champion Points").

    But it would still be nice to have the choice between a 4k high-quality setting and 1080p performance setting.
  • brandonv516
    I play my Xbox One X in 720p...the way it's meant to be played of course.
  • MJallday
    ive got the xb1x and dont had any issues whatsoever with framerate/graphics. however, its beacuse im running ESO on an
    external SSD rather than the standard hard drive, which frankly is pants.

    ESO is HDD intensive. therein is the issue. the HDD which shipped with an XB1X is basically the same spec as the one on the original xbox. MS should have put SSD's in them, they didnt. so for any HDD intensive games, such as ESO the result you get is framedrop because it cant keep up with the GPU.

    PS ive moved the game back and forth between my SSD and internal HDD to test this. my suggestion, buy an SSD!

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