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Separate Keybind for Interact with NPC and Interact with objects?

Im getting really sick and tired of those damn NPC that you get that follows you around, for instance for the quest "Partners in Crime" where you get Quen to follow you, and when you then want to steal something, yep 10/7 times you get to talk to Quen (no its not an error, you get to talk to him 3 more times then you actually are stealing some thing, because hes always in the way of some thing).

So is there a way to remove the option to talk to them, or get an extra option, talk to npc Shift + E, but the steal and stuff is still default E.
As it is now Interaction, is the same key for EVERY THING :/ i really want a different key-binding for Interact with Environment, and Interact With NPC.
  • Baertram
    This is a request you need to post to ZOs via /bug e.g.
    AddOns could only check by the name below your reticle if it is above your following merchant and disable the interaction then. This is what some addons do for e.g. flying around collectible insects.
    But you are still able to collect them if you press E then!
    There is no way to disallow this.

    One maybe able to not show the vendor/bank panel then but this most-likely will break the vendor/bank panels for normal vendors as well.
    So in the end this is to critically to implement via an addon and I bet ZOs code does not even allow it.
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