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Leo's Trainer

Soul Shriven
An AddOn that helps training your alt on crafting skills (blacksmithing, woodworking, clothing and jewel crafting).

Type "/leotrainer" on your chat to open the main window or use the KeyBinding.

You need to login with each character with Leo's Altholic enabled for them.

All crafted items will be of white quality and use basic materials (iron ingot, sanded mapple, jute and pewter ounce). No need to waste valuable resources on training, eg. better deconstruct a purple item than use it for research.

* Easily known who can train and who can be trained in a skill
* Create an entire queue in one char and craft the items on others
* Remove an item from the queue by right-click it

* Translations
* Fill empty research slots on your alts (primary use to save bank space, will only craft what's immediately needed)
* Create a more detailed queue, eg. choose trainer, trainees, trait and not all trainees
* Settings to choose which skill a char can be trained in
* Show if you have a researchable item in any inventory or bank
* Prevent add an existent item (same trainee and trait) to the queue
* FCOItemSaver integration to "reserve" an item to a toon

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