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[PS4/Xbox] Group overview too disturbing

Hi Guys, hi ZOS!

I usually don't play in big groups, but sometimes it's necessary for trying to make emperor.
Recently i was in this group here and i felt a little uncomfortable, because of the group overview. It just takes too much space in my opinion. Especially in PvP you need a perfect overview!


I know that pc players have addons to solve this little problem. We do not complain about this fact, please don't missunderstand! Of course pc players should use, what they have!
But sometimes it seems like ZOS forget that we don't have addons on consoles. Little improvements like this here and a guild store search should really be integrated in the base game in my opinion! Did you ever search for a special motif on concoles? No? Then do it and you will agree! ;)

So please give us some opportunities to get more comfortable.

Please buff ZOS!
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