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PS4 Lag and Continuous loading screens Cyrodiil.

Anyone else struggling massively with lag in ESO lately? (more so than normal) Its been effecting me and my friend a lot while in Cyrodiil. Can't even attack players because the lag is that bad, everyone is jumping around and then a loading screen appears and you end up either dead or still standing with everyone running past you. Disconnects are happening as well... Also getting loading screens when out of Cyrodiil, also takes ages to load. Whats going on?
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PS4 - EU

AD - Pet Sorcerer - Damage Dealer - 160
DC - Warden - Werewolf - in - progress - 160
DC - Templar - Tank - 160
DC - Sorcerer - Damage Dealer - in - progress
EP - Dragon Knight -Fire Tank - 160
EP - Nightblade - Damage Dealer - 160

  • scrzorz
    Loading screens, skills not activating, lag spikes, not noticable skills or animation that can not be anima canceled from other players in vivec.....

    Servers are dying, but yeah... Lag was allready noticable before past events so logic thing to do is get even more players in!


    P.S. Now that riding upgrades etc are in aoex awards why not adding it as maxed in eso plus ;)

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