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[PC - NA] Looking for Questing Buddies!

Soul Shriven
Good evening folks! I'm a brand new player, started about a week ago, and I'm currently level 12 and making my way through Summerset's main quest-line. I'm really enjoying the game and plan on sticking around to really sink my teeth into the content. I'm a longtime TES fan and I really enjoy the lore, so I'd love to find relaxed good-natured people like myself to quest with, who won't mind stopping to sniff the imp stools now and then, so to say. ;)

I live in Northern California (Pacific Daylight Time) and I work full-time, but I am a night owl and am available to play most nights! If you're like me and and are looking for some company while you scamper around Tamriel, please give me a poke! I'd love to meet some new like-minded people. Thank you for stopping by! :blush:

Game ID: @Starsworn
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