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Worth it to spend crowns on riding training?

Hey guys... just curious here... but have any/many of you spent crowns on riding training? Specifically inventory space and speed?

I recently rolled a new alt. My 3rd in all my play time (i'm cp 212 with a stamblade parked as a crafter alt and a stamsorc as my main).

I rolled up a magplar and am enjoying it. Currently doing the 3 dolmen grind out in the alik'r desert to level up. But i like the look, i like the skills, i like having a healer option, i like the eventuality of being a vampire, high elf paladin (it amuses the hell out of me lol).

Short version: I think i'm gonna be sticking with this alt for awhile. Bonus points in that the PTR notes seem to be good for templars.

The one thing putting me off though? Starting riding training from the bottom again lol. Crafting research doesn't bother me much because i have a dedicated alt for that (i'll probably eventually dip into crafting on this char once i get more points, just for the alch bonus etc... but i won't be doing those month long research projects anymore lol). But riding? Ouch.

I had enough gold to buy most of the normal bag upgrades (i have a few more to get... but i can grind gold if i really need to. If nothing else crafting mats always sell). But the time gate on the riding training hurts. The riding speed is a thing too.

I've been a subscriber forever (crafting bag ftw) and i already have both the banker and shopkeeper from the store. I've bought a couple mounts here and there too and i'm currently sitting on about 10k crowns... and i'm seriously considering dumping something like 4k of them into 40 inventory slots and 4k into riding speed (gives me about 2k if i need exp scrolls or something lol) and then going from there.

What do you guys think? Worth the purchase? Should i just suck it up and wait out the timer? Is there anything else in the crown store i should be saving for? (i still have plenty of character slots and already have the "any race any faction thing).

ty for any advice :)
  • Numerikuu
    I personally suck it up and wait for the timer. Once you hit level 10 and get Rapid Maneuver from Cyrodiil it helps ease the pain. Time flies by these days, so waiting's not so bad. Add on top the freebies we get from crown crates/gems so if you're desperate you can always spend gems on books from there.
    Edited by Numerikuu on September 30, 2018 8:53PM
  • Sheezabeast
    A big help would be to use the Alliance War skill Rapid Maneuvers. All you have to do is do the intro to Cyrodiil quest, which involves no player vs player interaction, and it gives you the skill point to use for Rapids.

    You could also use crown gems on the lessons if you have spare gems.
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  • NolaArch
    A big help would be to use the Alliance War skill Rapid Maneuvers. All you have to do is do the intro to Cyrodiil quest, which involves no player vs player interaction, and it gives you the skill point to use for Rapids.

    You could also use crown gems on the lessons if you have spare gems.

    I agree with this 100%. And be sure to utilize any riding books you get in crates —free or not— and daily rewards.
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  • Hippie4927
    I do inventory and stamina daily but I do buy speed from the crown store. I usually buy it twice for 20 extra speed. I hate riding a mount that is slower than walking.
  • eso_nya
    I maxed out 10 horses so far with gold only. wouldnt spend a crown on that, if u plan to stick around in the game for a while.
  • zyk
    Personally, I don't like the Crown store. I don't want to encourage ZOS to expand Crown offerings, so I don't buy Crowns. My only source of Crowns is from my sub, so I am frugal spending them in case there is something I *really* want in the future.

    I usually create my alts at least one month in advance of leveling them so they can have decent mount performance without having to resort to crown store upgrades. At one point I had 6 level 4 characters with 60/60/60 horses.

    Inventory is the last thing I upgrade on alts as fully upgraded bag space is more than sufficient for me -- especially with the merchant assistant.

    IMO, experience scrolls are also a waste on an alt because I hit level 50 without them long before I have enough skill points and skill lines upgraded for the character to be useful.

    Rapid Maneuver has been referenced already, but I'll add that it can be unlocked merely by completing the Cyrodiil tutorial quest; and the tutorial can be skipped, so it takes only 2 minutes to do once level 10 is reached.
    Edited by zyk on September 30, 2018 9:36PM
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  • SilverWF
    It's not worth to buy lessons for crowns.

    1st, level up Speed to 10
    2nd, level up Stamina to 10
    3rd, level up Speed to max
    4th, level up Stamina to max
    5th, level up Capacity to max
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  • blacksghost
    Not worth it. I almost never ride though.
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  • MrGarlic
    I don't buy for crowns, that which i can buy for in-game gold.

    Besides, i plan ahead my character creation and start horse training long before I start leveling. That way i have a head-start when I get around playing that new toon.
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  • SydneyGrey
    Not worth it, to me, unless you're Bill Gates and the money is nothing to you.
  • Kihamai
    Maybe when they're on sale, but definitely not at full price. Using spare crown gems for riding lessons isn't too bad if you have plenty of gems.
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  • MaxJrFTW
    Absolutely not.
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  • AcadianPaladin
    I don't buy crown riding lessons. Daily painless chore for young chars to hit the stable on the way to pick up an undaunted daily delve. I take speed to max, then inventory, then stam. Works fine for me.

    The only time speed caused any prob was the last Cyrodiil xp boost event. I ended up taking my stam elf there to get vigor/caltrops very early when her horse speed was about 8. Despite the alliance mounted speed skill, she still struggled to stay with her keep/resource capturing group and (especially with resources) arrived when the fight was over. Normally I would have simply waited till she had 60 speed but the double alliance xp event was just too good to pass up as I want to minimize my time in Cyrodiil.
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  • Beardimus
    I bought a ton of crowns at 50% off ages back. And waited till the lessons where 50% off for a double dip sale and bought a load.
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  • VaranisArano
    Yes, if you are impatient :)

    I bought Speed riding lessons because I had a new Stam Warden I wanted to bring to my PVP guild raid and not wait 30 days of lagging behind everyone else on their full speed mounts and getting ganked because I was always last.

    Those were probably the best crowns I ever spent outside of DLC purchases in terms of use I got out of them.

    But even though I don't regret it, Im not sure I'd recommend it for others unless you too want to PVP with a fast horse and dont want to wait for days to do it the normal way.
  • Latios
    It all comes to:
    Are you in a real hurry and think you don’t have anything else you’d rather spend your money on?
    Then buy.
    Do you feel like you could wait?
    Then don’t buy.
    It’s up to you, really. As for myself, I’ve never bought them and never will, because I don’t feel the need to rush for it.
    The Eon Pokémon.
  • skyfiredraco
    hmm, some things to think about. Ty guys :)

    To note: i've never bought crowns. And i doubt i ever will. Ditto with lootboxes.

    But if they are gonna give me a monthly stipend i figure i'll use it lol.

    Still thinking about buying the mount speed at the least. Rapid maneuvers is nice, but eats a skill slot. I have a lot of cool mounts and just don't like being slow lol.

    Inventory i might wait on, though. With the banker and the vendor it isn't a REALLY big deal to dump some stuff every now and then. I just like having less hassle lol.

    Still, i could max out my riding speed and still have a good 4k crowns to play with. Nothing else i really want to buy right now anyway... *shrug*

    cheers guys :)
  • Thalidar
    I have eso plus and after 3 months of having 12k crowns sitting there doing absolutely nothing, yesterday I bought 2 of the speed riding improvement packs for a 3 day old Toon.

    It was a quality of life reason. I don't regret it as playing in Cyrodiil, or with friends (on my new toon), can be frustrating when you're constantly playing catch up.

    However unless time is an issue, you don't need to get them as every other toon I have, has done it with gold.

    Basically if I hadn't had the crowns doing nothing, I wouldn't have done it.

  • Jameliel
    No it's not. People paying for things like this is precisely why z0$ never fixes anything.
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