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Warden Healing PvP

Soul Shriven
I'm just coming back to the game and I'm making a warden healer for PVP, mainly battlegrounds. Could someone help point me in the right direction? What items and skills should I use?
Edited by LordRevanMaki on September 29, 2018 2:45PM
  • Wolfpaw
    I'm no pro, but I can lead you in a direction and maybe someone better can pick-up from there.

    I use Transmutation set and Necropotence or Impregnable. Your first job is to stay alive (can't help team if dead), 2nd job heal/buff (Transmutation & SPC type of sets), 3rd CC/debuff (stun, snare, defile if possible & fits your playstyle).
    I definitely have my eye on Bright-Throat’s Boast Set coming with Murkmire DLC.

    Some skills I feel are a must: Radiant Magelight (stealthies will hunt you), Enchanted Growth, Corrupting Pollen, Nature's Embrace (not a must, but mobility & HoT are real nice), Blue Betty, a Regeneration Morph.

    Some things to expect....
    Players using OP Heavy armor sets with ridiculous burst, mobility, Survivability>Dawnbreaker's.
    Lethal arrow and Poison injection spammers.
    Teammates just there for Motifs-no Impenetrable....They melt even when using Transmutation set.
    Mobility, cc/snare removal, & LoS is your friend.
    Team that splits up, each taking on the Rambo role without the winning part.
    Teammates dodging out of your Earthgore proc.....It's real.
    Premades, you will know.
    Light attack when possible.


    Edited by Wolfpaw on September 30, 2018 3:01AM
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