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My ESO Story - a Blog


Thought I’d take a moment to share my little creation. About a month ago I created a blog to document my characters travels starting from the starter quest to whatever quests or follies I come upon. The format is a short journal entry once a day with screen shots of my character during certain moments. I originally did this so I could look back on the lore and stories and relive some journeys, but others have been enjoying reading along the way.

So far her travels have taken her to Summerset and Artaeum, but soon she may be getting a chance to explore elsewhere... also in the works will be her various research into things like creatures she’s encountered, and Daedric princes, and other pieces of this world that deserve further exploring. I’m excited to show this part on her blog in the upcoming month.

Anyways without further ado, let me introduce you to Keebler Sparrowgrass, a little Bosmer out of her element caught up in a whim to look for adventure and she found some!
  • Druachan
    Cool, keep it going, I’ve spent the last 2 years promising I’d write my adventures but I never seem to have the patience for them
    Say please, before you AAAAAaaaarrrgghhh at me.
  • MarrazzMist
    Hey, nice blog! Will continue to read this.
  • Hotdog_23
    Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  • iamkeebler
    thank you for taking a moment to check it out!

  • iamkeebler
    Catch up on the recent journey of Keebler Sparrowgrass. Currently in Summerset she finds herself doing an odd job for a mer trying to keep her brother from joining the House of Reveries. Tomorrow’s journal entry will reveal what persona Keebler decides to take on as she tries to discover the brother behind his mask...

    Posts are still going daily and our daring adventurer is still exploring Summerset. Come along for the journey!
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