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extra coins on my account?

last time i played was like 4 months ago maybe abit more. i had 300 crowns after purchasing a house and now when i logged in i have 3300. wondering how that happened.

first i thought i had been hacked but all characters are there in same level and i got same amount of gold
  • Easily_Lost
    Do you have ESO+ ?
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  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    If you have eso+, and your subscription renewed during this time, you will have gotten the crowns from that renewal. That is the most likely situation there.

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  • Teutoburger
    removed my subscription and havent been gone from the game for 6 months for it to happen.

    checked my billing history and money was taken from my account 4 times for subscription even though i had removed my sub
    Edited by Teutoburger on October 1, 2018 12:30AM
  • DBZVelena
    and you didn't notice until now?
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  • TyroneShoelaces
    I've cancelled my subscription numerous times and had it turn itself back on. Never even got a reply from them on the issue.
  • Pink_E_808
    Well, I'd be upset, too. If you had money taken from your account 4 times (I'm assuming over the course of 4 months?), then you should have 6300 crowns!!
    Never mind OP, plenty of reskinned shiney pixels on the Crown Store to get now ;)
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