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Over siege limit.

Not sure if there is a good reasoning behind this cap, but it sucks when you've gotta make another hole but you can't lay down siege because John and Kim are using 2 fire ballistas each to burn Joe of the other faction.

Please elaborate on why this is capped :) or kindly remove the siege limit.
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    I would imagine it's capped to try and have some balance in siege.

    Otherwise you could have a keep under siege from every direction with more siege weapons than people inside could feasibly place.
    There might have been technical reasons for it as well. Probably only the PvP developers and potentially beta testers who would know the real reasons.
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    We know for fact ZOS encourage the point and clic gameplay of the siege weapon, some people even got so used to it being their only skill...
    you should see EU PC gameplay, it's absurd as hell, yesterday we sieged a keep with 4 people only to find 20 AD pointing and clicking inside.

    So yeah, cap.. make sense
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  • Anrose
    Typical John and Kim, amirite?
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