For those curious about exactly what's in the Furnishing Packs in October

Using what I could find from various data-mines and my own eyeballs, I can safely say I've sussed out what you can expect to find in each of the newly announced Funishing Packs for October. Honestly this was mostly done for the Summerset Packs, what with the claim of "(This and the other Summerset Furnishing Packs pair perfectly with the Grand Psijic Villa!)" slapped on the info for each pack.

Witches’ Coven:
-Carcass, Hanging Deer
-Fogs of the Hag Fen
-Hagraven Altar, Alchemical
-Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual
-Hagraven Totem, Skull
-Log, Fallen Pine
-Log, Rotten Bog
-Mists of the Hag Fen
-Reachman Cage, Sturdy
-Reachman Rug, Mottled Skin
-Reachman Rug, Smooth Skin
-Skulls, Heap
-Stump, Mossy Cypress
-Stump, Wretched Cypress
-The Witches of Hag Fen
-Tree, Fetid Cypress
-Tree, Wretched Cypress
-Witches Totem, Antler Charms
-Witches’ Basin, Scrying
-Witches’ Brazier, Beast Skull
-Witches’ Cauldron, Provisioning
-Witches’ Tent, Lean-To

Summerset Noble’s Bathing Pack:
-Alinor Armchair, Backless Verdant
-Alinor Bathing Robes, Decorative
-Alinor Bench, Verdant
-Alinor Carpet, Intricate
-Alinor Desk, Mirrored
-Alinor Divider, Noble (x2)
-Alinor Potted Plant, Perpetual Bloom
-Alinor Sconce, Candles (x2)
-Alinor Wall Mirror, Noble
-Alinor Windowbox, Blue Wisteria
-High Elf Carpet, Water-Themed
-Quality Fabric, Folded
-Regal Sauna Pool, Two Person
-Scrimshaw Jewelry Box, Verdant Oval

Summerset Noble’s Bedroom Pack:
-Alinor Amphora, Delicate
-Alinor Armchair, Noble
-Alinor Bed, Overhang Full
-Alinor Candles, Stand
-Alinor Carpet, Vibrant
-Alinor Divider, Noble
-Alinor Nightstand, Scalloped
-Alinor Sconce, Candles (x2)
-Alinor Tapestry, Alinor Dusk
-Alinor Trunk, Spired
-Alinor Wardrobe, Polished
-Alinor Writing Desk, Noble
-Painting of Gryphon Nest, Elegant
-Painting of High Elf Tower, Refined

Summerset Noble’s Kitchen Pack:
-Alinor Armchair, Noble (x2)
-Alinor Cabinet, Noble (x2)
-Alinor Candelabra, Wrought Iron (x2)
-Alinor Candles, Tall Stand (x2)
-Alinor Carpet, Verdant
-Alinor Chair, Polished (x4)
-Alinor Chalice, Ornate (x2)
-Alinor Fireplace, Ornate
-Alinor Platter, Scalloped
-Alinor Table Setting, Complete (x2)
-Alinor Table, Noble Grand
-Alinor Windowbox, Purple Wisteria (x2)
-Firelogs, Flaming
-Fireplace Tools, Wrought Iron
-High Elf Decanter, Glass (x2)
-Pie, Display

Summerset Noble’s Parlor Pack:
-Alinor Amphora, Slender (x2)
-Alinor Banner, Hanging (x2)
-Alinor Bench, Verdant (x4)
-Alinor Brazier, Noble (x4)
-Alinor Drapes, Noble (x2)
-Alinor Fountain, Regal
-Alinor Potted Plant, Triple Tiered (x2)
-Alinor Runner, Royal
-Painting of Monastery of Serene Harmony, Refined
-Painting of Summerset Coast, Refined
-Replica Throne of Alinor

Sinister Hollowjack Items:
-Cart, Sided
-Grave, Grasping
-Gravestone, Clover Engraving
-Gravestone, Cracked
-Gravestone, Imp Engraving
-Hollowjack Lantern, Ouroboros (x2)
-Hollowjack Lantern, Soaring Dragon (x2)
-Hollowjack Lantern, Toothy Grin (x2)
-Pumpkin Patch, Display (x2)
-Raven-Perch Cemetery Wreath
-Specimen Jar, Eyes
-Specimen Jar, Monstrous Remains
-Specimen Jar, Spare Brain
-Target Wraith-of-Crows
-Webs, Cone
-Webs, Thick Sheet
-Witches Festival Scarecrow
  • PayToHeal
    Might have to buy the witchs one just for the deer.
    Rest in peace sweet mead prince your drinking with sanguian now
  • weedgenius
    Very cool, thanks! I know @Carbonised mentioned it in another thread, but FYI the majority of the items in the Summerset packs are craftable in game. And of the ones that can't be crafted by players (with a lot of culanda) or purchased in guild stores, most of those are available for individual crown purchase in the Housing Editor.

    As far as I can tell, these are the Alinor items that are (so far) completely exclusive to the furnishing packs:
    • Regal Sauna Pool, Two Person (Bathing Pack)
    • Replica Throne of Alinor (Parlor Pack)

    I love the spooky packs... can't wait to look through them when they hit the store. Saving up my crowns for the Clockwork God pack, though. :smile:
    Edited by weedgenius on September 28, 2018 7:16AM
    PS4 NA
  • Jhalin
    *readies self for Wraith-of-Crows*
    J'halin - 50 Khajiit Stamblade
    Ziryne - 50 Breton Magplar, Healer
    Varus Arano - 50 Dunmer MagSorc
    Raza al-Qerik - 50 Redguard DK, Tank
    Darien Sorick - <50 Breton Stamplar, Tank
    Do-Khaizo - <50 Khajiit Stamden
    Caerdolos - <50 Dunmer ("Maormer") StamSorc
    Varona Drelos - 50 Dunmer Magblade
  • anadandy
    PayToHeal wrote: »
    Might have to buy the witchs one just for the deer.

    I think the deer is already available as an individual purchase via the Housing Editor purchase tab.

    Edited by anadandy on September 28, 2018 12:47PM
  • B0SSzombie
    anadandy wrote: »
    PayToHeal wrote: »
    Might have to buy the witchs one just for the deer.

    I think the deer is already available as an individual purchase via the Housing Editor purchase tab.

    It was also data-mined in Wolfhunter's update as an upcoming Luxury Furnishing, most likely along with the other "Hunting items" that should be on sale at the end of October/Start of November.
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