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Guilds should be integrated with the housing system

I originally posted this about a year ago, and I think it should be restated especially since we will all be getting this fancy new house soon.

Guild Integration
A player who is also a guildmaster should be able to set the house as the official guildhall. Which would enable players to travel to it via the guild menu, rather than having them go to the roster and select the guildmaster and then visit primary residence. Also, by designating it as the official guildhall, it would allow the guildmaster a few unique items to place down such as a guild banker npc allowing access to the guilds bank and store. The ability to place banners or various sizes fashioned with the guild logo could also be purchasable just as the guild tabard was.

Houses as a Community Hub
Designated guild houses should also have the ability to add writ boards, undaunted pledge givers, stablemasters, etc. Basically just things to drive more traffic through a guildhall.

Let me know what you guys think.
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  • Ajaxandriel
    Agree !

    Would be better if the guildmaster were able to set several houses as guildhouses, as long as he owns them already
    (I have several homesteads that would deserve such a feature for my guildmates!)
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  • ghastley
    I actually think the opposite.

    I'd prefer guildhalls to be introduced as non-homes, i.e buildings that are designed for guild use, not re-purposed from housing. They need large spaces for meetings, or setting out all the attuned crafting tables. They don't need so many slots for personal items, such as trophies. They could have slots for guild-only items, such as a guild banker.

    The idea of having the guild tab direct you to the guildhall is a must, but it may be beneficial to move the ownership from the guildmaster to the guild. In most cases, that would be the same thing, but allowing the guildmaster to step down and another member take over would not "undo" the guildhall, the way the current primary residence method does.
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