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Crown store quests for ESO plus subscribers

I like it that certain items will be discounted in the crown store for very limited amounts of time, but is there any way that ESO plus subscribers can pay say 500 crowns to get a quest bundle that when completed awards a crown crate, or crown store item? Maybe the quests can allow people to upgrade their crown store items to alter their appearance. As for the difficulty, it would be preferable to see some new, challenging content for people who like to do things solo. I don't mind playing with others, but I find that other people give up very easily. So, maybe it's a personal preference, but I am dying for something dynamic, unpredictable and challenging. We have cyrodiil, but people tend to stick to really specific patterns, usually patterns that generate them the most AP. Soloing group dungeons can be fun, but due to boss mechanics, some dungeons can't be completeld, e.g. the first boss in crypt of hearts II.

I feel that this isn't too much to ask for considering it's a premium service; if you added content like this to the base game, that would be even better. The more the merrier. But, I am finding it incredibly boring to just buy items, and then have them in my inventory. Items from the crown store don't really mean or represent much; someone with 2 days of play time can easily get the same items as someone with 200 days of play time.

This whole post might seem a bit misguided, or directionless. But, my main point is that I would like to see things added to the game for players that want to be challenged, and I wouldn't mind paying for crown store items, or ESO+ to receive access to them.
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