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One Pact Discord (Mostly PvP)[PC-EU]

Hello everyone! 👋

One Pact is an Ebonheart Pact Discord server with 270+ members, with many different guilds inside.
We have people looking to group up for smallscale groups, but we also run bigger organised groups, all with voice chat coordination and quality banter!
We run small groups every day and bigger groups 3/4 times a week (depends).
Most of our people play on the Sotha Sil server, but you can also use it for Vivec.

Asides from Cyro PvP, you can also use our Discord for PvE and other PvP content.
Just ask in the chat for people to play with!

Our Discord server is created on Thursday April 05-2018 20:27:37 GMT+0200 (West-Europe (summertime)).
Originally this server used to be a guild Discord. For a long time it was small and unused.
During the development of the guild, more and more people joined. Eventually Kira of Ebonheart started advertising in the zone.
When our Discord kept filling up with guildies and non-guildies, Kira decided to change the name to One Pact, because it was no longer guild only.

What we want
- Active players who read the chat
- Friendly and patient players willing to listen and improve
- Unite whole Pact in Sotha Sil campaign

We hope we've persuaded you to join our community full of good people and love for PvP!
Put a post in the forum or send me a message/mail in game @iALEXi!
Guild: The Kiradashians, Guild Master
Discord: The Kiradashians, Owner

Battlegrounds - Sotha Sil - Ebonheart Pact - PC EU
  1. EP - Dark elf - Magicka Dragonknight [Main][PvE] Tank
  2. EP - Breton - Magicka Sorcerer [PvE] Damage
  3. EP - Khajiit - Stamina Warden - Kira of Ebonheart [PvP][PvE] Damage
  4. EP - Wood elf - Stamina Nightblade [PvP] Damage + Werewolf
  5. EP - High elf - Magicka Templar [PvP] Healer
  6. EP - Dark elf - Magicka Nightblade [PvP][PvE] Bomber + Healer + BG healer
  7. EP - Orc - Stamina Sorcerer [lvl 13]
  8. AD - Redguard - Stamina Warden [PvP][PvE]
  • angeleda
    Send me an inv..blood for the pact
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