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In need of a new home (or two)

Soul Shriven
Hi fellas (and female fellas)

I'm looking to become part of an active, small close knit social guild (with emphasis on small, not a fan of social guilds with huuuge numbers) who do bits of PvE with no major requirements and an active player base in-game and Discord. Guild can be a totally new start up guild or old close band of brothers, I don't mind :)

Also looking for a Daggerfall Cov PvP oriented guild of whatever size who do regular events to Cyro, IC & sewers, BGs etc. Again please, active and with Discord :p

Alright that's my list of demands lol. What can I offer a guild? I am level 680+ CP with good experience with PvP and PvE, 6 max CP toons (main is PvP MagSorc, second main is PvP StamBlade).

I also have a vHM Trial proven PvE Imperial DK tank.

My player home is the Coldharbour Surreal Estate dolled up as a social hub, crafting hub (incl transmute) and decent sized duelling arena.

Except styles, I can craft 90% of stuff mainly missing Nirnhoned for weapons and armor, but I'm working on it :p

I have previously been entrusted with officer rank in a couple of previous guilds in my time due to commitment and friendliness towards my guildies. Always willing to help with whatever and running basic events like map clearing, sewer runs, vet/normal dung runs, and silly social gatherings :)

I'm a nice enough bloke in my late 20s from the UK with a wicked sense of humour and loyalty to my guildies. Regular guild bank donator and always like to get involved.

If I sound like I could fit in with your band of misfits then please get in touch. I ask only the requirements above.

Hope to crack some skulls and pop open some cold ones with ya soon o/
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