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Legendary Crown Motifs cost 2x standard price to purchase, only grant standard amount when scrapped

This doesn't seem right. Purchasing a legendary motif with crown gems generally costs 200 gems (the normal cost for legendary tier is 100 gems), but if you get a motif as a drop from a crown crate and scrap it, you only get the usual legendary-tier amount of 33 gems.

If it costs twice as much, it should grant twice as many (66).
  • redspecter23
    Well the gem return is appropriate for the tier that they are found in. Everything at legendary tier returns 33 gems when duplicated or turned in. I'd say the problem lies in the cost to purchase the motif. I would have assumed it was a bug if it hadn't been in place for so long now. At any rate, either the motif should cost 100 and return 33 or cost 200 and return 66. What they have now just isn't right.
  • DanteYoda
    Its a scam for a reason..
  • Acrolas
    Like the motifs in the general store, Crate motifs cost more to buy outright because they have some long-term and practical in-game applications.

    If ZOS intended them to have a different gem return, they would have created a separate category for them. But at 33 gems, the intention was probably to make them more attractive to keep than to trade.
    signing off
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