Welcome to LORE/RP Guild!

My speech of welcome!
Do you like & adore TES LORE?
Are you a great LORE connoisseur?
Than let me invite you to the first (I've never seen any) ESO LORE (RP) Guild "TES Chronicles".
Great conversations, discussions, PvE and RP events. Cozy atmosphere and no argonians in elven armor!
We speak any language from contemporary English to Ald Chimeris!
Interested? Send an email to Neleneth in game! Also leave your ingame names below. Cheers!
Resdayniil kan tarcel
  • DBZVelena
    Does this still live?
    What are Natch Potes? Can you eat those?
    I believe in Genie-Gina.
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