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Trading Crown Store Items

Since ZOS has basically stated that their position on trading Crown Store items for in-game currency (gold) is allowed since they are both considered "in game items" with no real world value, shouldn't the next step be to allow those Crown Store items to be traded in-game like other items? This would protect players who are looking to trade their Crown Items for gold (and vice versa) from scammers, since right now there is basically no way to guarantee that a trade will not be fraudulent.

I understand that the current policy is basically to be careful and understand that it's a "buyers beware" market, but I don't have to have that same worry when say I'm trading my Apostle Chest motif for gold. Both players can see what the other is trading, how much of it, and if that player has "agreed" (locked) their selection before the trade is completed.

This would mean that the current system, where after purchasing something on the Crown Store it is immediately bound to your account, would have to change. It could even be changed to a system similar to the one with the monster helm motifs being dropped in dungeons; if you purchase something in the store you get an item/book/scroll in your inventory and if you use it then it will bind that item to your account but if not then it can be traded/mailed/sold in the guild store like the monster helm motif. So it would basically just replace the current gift system.
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  • silvermistktralasub17_ESO
    There are multiple reasons why things you've already purchased in the crown store are not tradeable. 1) if it's a 'freebie' like from levelling or daily rewards, they don't gain anything from the trade, and bind that to player/character for that purpose.
    2) If you could freely trade crown store items, it would make it far easier for a hacker that gets ahold of your account to spend your crowns on things, then trade them without the trades being easily 'trackable', and, once you've gotten your account back, Zos has a harder time finding out not only who is the receiver of 'stolen goods', but also what you should have back. Hence, they need to keep it in an easily trackable format, which the store transfers are. And since crowns equate to real money, that is something they have to protect for us.

    3) Due to various rules in places on gambling, things from the crown crates are not giftable. Someone else, in another section, explained this thoroughly, but I don't have that link handy at the moment.

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