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Rate for Twitch Drops reduced?

Soul Shriven
not sure if this is the correct thread, but anyways: Is it possible that the rate for Twitch Drops was significantly reduced for the Summerfall-Event? Even though I normally get 1 or 2 Crates almost each day, since the Twitch drops for the Summerfall-Event have started, I received only 1 drop. My accounts are still linked, I am logged in and I have streams running pretty much all day. I know its only a chance for a drop, but thats why I'm asking. Just wanted to know, maybe I also have to write a ticket because there is something wrong?

Kind regards
  • Snowfaeriewings
    I believe it has. At one point this week I was at 1 crate in 3 days of twitch watching. and then I got one the last two days and now i am at 3 days out of 5. Either way it does seem lower. there is another forum post about this as well.. Here is the link to it.
  • Lake
    So, here's how this works:

    It doesn't matter how long you watch a stream or how many channels you watch. You have a chance to get one Drop each day for the current campaign that's active (it ends in 2 days). For ESO Live, we typically guarantee you'll get at least one Drop while watching the show. But you'll need to check the schedule on the website to see when Drops will go out - they're typically once a day in the morning.

    Edited by Lake on September 25, 2018 8:13PM
  • MissBizz
    The Summerfall twitch drops are capped at 1 per day, and even so, it's only a *chance* at 1 per day (unless an official ZOS stream). Over the time ESO has had drops, they have steadily been changed every time we've had them. At one point you would for sure get at least 1, then it became only a chance. It's best to read the article every half month to know if it's only a chance or not that time around, along with any minimum time requirements.
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  • Jamdarius
    Somehow that chance of drop has become rly rly low... Before this happened 10min-1h watching streams to get a drop now after 12h not getting any... feels like grEAdy way of how to do business got into ESO on Twitch drops huh? I mean I will not spend 24/7 watching streams so I get a miniscule chance to get Ouroborous crate which got nothing interesting inside it (well gems farm maybe at most)... Ye it is free I know but do not expect us to than buy crates for real $ when all we have in them is Poisons, Soul Gems, Food Buffs...
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