Can't get Cyrodiil Board missions PC NA (RESOLVED)

I have a few Characters that are over 2 years old and can't click the boards at the north morrowind gate.

I have no cyrodiil current quests and believe i went to every npc throughout the quest line.

I don't pvp that much so i never asked for assistance before but i do more now, and its time to get this fixed
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  • Lieblingsjunge
    Hey o/

    I've never heard about this issue before. The only time you can't take a quest from the Cyrodiil Boards, are 1) If you completed them all already that day. 2) If you haven't done the introduction quest. I got my character up to rank 34 before I realised I never did the introduction quest. Ahem. xD

    Edit: Which faction are you? The quest is actually hard to find, if you've been to Cyrodiil before without taking the quest.
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  • The_Last_Titan
    i spoke to soon, there was an npc at the seige training range that had a quest to talk to an npc at the scroll temple. thought i had "skipped training" but must have completed most of it and the range being so out of the way i hadn't been back.
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