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Master Crafting Question

I hear people talking about master crafting and I'm confused about what it is & how you get it. I have rank 50 on several professions but I don't know if I'm a "master crafter" or not. What is it & how does one get it?
  • Taleof2Cities
    The game recently added the master crafter achievement and Grand Master Crafter title (as of the Summerset patch).

    Before that existed, every player had their own version of what a "Master Crafter" was. Even today, some players disagree that the below is a sufficient prerequisite to carry the title.

    Setting the debate aside, the UESP has the in-game achievement summarized pretty well ... located here:

    Achievement Requirements
    Professions Master: Reach level 50 in all 7 crafting skills
    Unsurpassed Crafter: Complete 100 Master Writs
    Trait Master: Learn all 8 normal traits on both armor and weapons at least once
    Jewelry Trait Master: Learn all 9 traits on both necklaces and rings
    Learn the Nirnhoned Trait: Learn the Nirnhoned trait at least once
    True Style Master: Complete 50 Style Motifs
    Recipe Compendium: Learn 100 Provisioning recipes
    Potency: Translate all (except the last two) negative and positive Potency runestones
    Botanist: Learn the traits of all of the original Alchemy Reagents
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  • db0ssman
    Generally when people talk about master crafter they mean 9-traited all armor and weapons (given that jewlery is still relatively new they may or may not have 9 traited that, but they are probably close). I don't think it really says much about knowing consumables, but if you 9 traited everything, you probably know most pro recipe, all alc and enchanting. That's especially true since it takes most people one to two years to learn all 9 traits, but you can learn the consumable stuff in a weekend with enough gold.

    I personally tend to think of Grand-Master crafter and Master crafter as two different things. That's mostly because learning true style master takes forever and doesn't actually affect your ability to craft at all (not in any tangible way at least). I guess there are some people that care about what style the gear is, but in my experience, most people only want training gear made as cheaply as possible. They don't want to add the couple hundred to couple thousand extra per piece to make it of a certain set.
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