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Reaper's Harvest Crown Crate

Soul Shriven
Will they ever return the Reaper's Harvest Crown Crate in the Crown Store? For example, as wild hunt crates for a week?
  • AndrejLeo
    Probably be part of rewards in October and then they will come back for a week, because HALLOWEEEEEN (im very ready for it)
  • Atallanta
    Check on October 22 :-) I’m 100% sure they will be back during the week of oct 22
  • hobgoblin_kuzya
    Soul Shriven
    Atallanta wrote: »
    Check on October 22 :-) I’m 100% sure they will be back during the week of oct 22

    Ok ;-) Thx)
  • LordLomax
    No threads on reapers crates returned ? I bought 4 crates today as really wanted the Sheogorath costume and the kagouti Mount . I got potions and poisons/mimicstones and some tatoos then Sheogorath statue which I got excited for as it was gold then last crate I got a fifth card and another golf it was the Sheogorath costume I’m well pleased plus 40 is gems with the 6 free gems should get the mount or possibly break state if u have to for 33 gems .
  • SydneyGrey
    The best thing out of there is the skeleton horse.
  • weedgenius
    I’m going to wait to buy anything from them until after I get the six free ones so I don’t waste crown gems if I get duplicates
    PS4 NA
  • prof-dracko
    I NEED that Sheo statue and banner for my Daedric room. I'm only missing a few statues now.
  • Northman
    I just want the two Crow items.. doubt ill even be able to get enough gems as it is. I need about 70 or so total, and im sitting at like 11 right now.
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