Twitch Linked No In game drops? (Solution in Comments!)

So i have had this problem now for a while, missing out on a lot of twitch drop events as a streamer which is highly frustrating, ive made tickets/emails to ZoS and Twitch with no reply. I've tried everything from re-linking accounts several times, trying it on a different PC, different internet connection, tweeting twitch, making tickets, emailing you and twitch yet nothing has changed and it is getting highly frustrated. Below are pictures showing i'm linked and drops are enabled!






I had a previous twitch account linked before which i unlinked and then linked my now Main twitch account to.

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  • Zewoh
    @ZOS_BillE I FIXED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So the issue was that i had a previous account that was linked before and the problem was that when i un-linked my old account it didnt do it correctly so even though on my ESO account it said that my Main account was linked infact my old account was!

    Here are the steps i took to get it working:

    1: Un-link your current twitch account
    2: Re-link your old account that was linked before
    3: Log onto the old twitch and go to setting > connections
    4: Disconnect from The Elder Scrolls Online via twitch
    5: On your ESO account un-link your old twitch again
    6: Re-link your new/main twitch account
    7: Delete ALL your history including cookies and caches

    And youre all done! Your new/main account should be linked!!!! I hope this helps all of you people struggling with this issue!

    @ZOS_MichaelServotte @ZOS_MollyH @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_GaryA I would suggest you contact twitch and try and see if they can do a work around to help people as this can become quite frustrating as some people don't even know theres a connection tab on twitch due to people i have spoken to!
  • Vivifier
    Hey @zewoh. I dont have my old twitch account and my new one is on the same email. Do you see any possible way of fixing this? I do have the same problem but no access to the old account ( as i stated) . Any help would be apreciated ty

    Edit : now you can reactivate your account instantly from twitch to the same email. But seems my original account was linked to a deleted email i had. I contacted twitch support and hope for the best , if i get my old account on my new email i ll follow your steps and comment again.
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  • Square252
    Still have this issue. Now my ESO account is linked to my old twitch acc, but my old twitch acc lists no connection. Unlinking on the eso side throws now an error.

    Seems like this whole Twitch integration is a huge buggy pile of wannabe DevOps stuff.
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