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Why we should all feel sorry for those rage whispers

I have been noticing an increase in rage whispers lately, mostly telling me how crap I am at the game lol. News flash I know, I am only a casual player and also suffer from M.E which makes concentrating really hard for me. To be honest until I got M.E I very rarely played games, I loved camping, hill walking and boxing which I can no longer do. So, I now play this game as I have nothing else of interest. That’s ok though I still enjoy the game even knowing that I will never be good at it.

Now I’m not writing this post because the rage whispering bothers me because it really doesn’t, in fact I feel sorry for those who feel the need to vent their hate in this way. I honestly feel that they are either trying to compensate for a lack of something or that they have been bullied all there lives and feel empowered by being able to hide behind their keyboards and vent toxic abuse at other players. In real life I bet that they fear confrontation of any kind.

So next time someone rage whispers you, remember they are either trying to compensate for a lack of something or are one of life’s victims of bulling who are just trying to make themselves feel a bit better by raging at other players. Of course there is another option as they could just be complete utter *** but lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

Until I had this realisation I used to engage back trading insults for which I apologise, from this point on I will stop doing this when someone rage whispers me as they obviously have it hard enough in life without me engaging with them. They need that empowerment of feeling like the bully instead of the victim.

Have a good day all especially all you rage whisperers out there.
Edited by Waylander07 on September 22, 2018 3:51AM
  • Mazbt
    I don't humor hate tells. whether someone is being a bad sport after killing me or someone being a sore loser. Either way, just not worth my time. I've seen one sided conversations. It's so pathetic.
    Mazari the Resurrected (AD)- PVP stamplar main, rank 43
    Maz the Druid - PVP group stam warden, tribune
    - many others
  • caeliusstarbreaker
    On the real though, some of the stuff they come up with is good comedy.
    Rhage Lionpride DC Stamina Templar
  • Wonderboy
    Really awesome post. Insightful and thoughtful.

    It is remarkable how many people lose track of a few key facts. First, that this is, at the end of the day, a game and people play it for entertainment. Now, yes, some people find their entertainment in different ways. For some it's being the best they can be at PvP or PvE or even both. For others it's making gold. For some it's RP. There are those who just enjoy a random adventure from time to time.

    Second thing that a lot of people lose track of is the fact that behind the screen names and avatars, we're all people (more or less, I get that bots happen) and we have feelings and, in general, we're not here to please other people specifically but neither are we here to specifically invoke the ire of others. Granted, there are always exceptions to everything.

    Anyways. I applaud the OP for turning the other cheek and just kind of keeping it real and keeping it together. <3
  • Xsorus
    lol...Yipee shared a screenshot with me of a guy just saying "P*SSY" to him for like 10 minutes straight in tells...

    That's a level of rage I can't imagine.
  • The Uninvited
    The Uninvited
    Too many assumptions, I have been a victim of bullying in my youth and I never send hate whispers. I do seek confrontation out in real life though. Guess it turned around the other way for me. ;)

    Hate whispers imo you usually receive from someone that you've killed. My thoughts are just "hey dude, you're the one lying dead and you're calling me a bad player?" And then I just have a good laugh about it.
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    Ride the paranoia | All life is pain | Only the grave is real
  • goldenflameslinger
    I pretty much ignore any chat that isn’t green (guild) and usually turn zone voice chat off. The game is much calmer like that. However, I do enjoy listening by the fountain in Daggerfall once in awhile. Some crazy $&@“ goes down by that fountain!
    PS4 NA DC id: goldenflamesling
  • eso_nya
    dont play pvp in online mode.

    taking the 2 secs to read a hatewisp is a waste of time.

    if they send u hatemails, those come with a convinient "report" button. gives them 3 days to cool down and think about their actions.
  • WuffyCerulei
    I just don't reply. It's worse to add fuel to the fire. I may chuckle if it's out of the blue, but I still won't reply.
    I will kick everyone's butt, even my own.

    PC NA
    CP 1200+
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    Dragon-in-Shadows - Argonian Magicka Nightblade - Shadow Breaker
    Eossos - Khajiit Magicka Templar
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  • Luckylancer
    I feel sorry for people trying to feel sorry for other people. I guess you have so much spare time, you think about them.
  • enzoisadog
    I enjoy them.
    AD Enzø - Stamina Nightblade - AR 50 - Former Emperor of Trueflame
    CP 1300+
  • Gilvoth
    just put yourself in offline mode when going into pvp or pve dungeons.
    whispers no exist during offline mode.
    best in slot: is the armor, weapon, clothing look, pet, or no pet, jewelry, race, class, skill choices, amount of DPS, and skin color best fit to you and the way you wish to play and makes you feel good and performs what YOU think it should be.

    worst in slot: what you read in zone chat, and forum comment, and forum thread, and you tube video, and live streamer advice, and class rep advice, and guild chat advice, and whisper told you to wear, and use for skill, and dress like, and use for weapon and armor.
  • Radiance
    I rage at ZoS for crown store related stuff all the time but I'm usually the one trying to de-escalate the aggressive Vets expecting Speed Runs on a Random Q. Lol
    R A D I A N C E
  • WaltherCarraway
    I don't expect serious stuff from a casual game.
  • Knootewoot
    I just suck up every rage/hate whisper. I never reply and never sent one myself. I don't care if I suck in playing the game as long as I have fun.

    Edited by Knootewoot on September 23, 2018 10:31AM
    "I am a nightblade. Blending the disciplines of the stealthy agent and subtle wizard, I move unseen and undetected, foil locks and traps, and teleport to safety when threatened, or strike like a viper from ambush. The College of Illusion hides me and fuddles or pacifies my opponents. The College of Mysticism detects my object, reflects and dispels enemy spells, and makes good my escape. The key to a nightblade's success is avoidance, by spell or by stealth; with these skills, all things are possible."
  • Marcus684
    Rage whispers tell me that the whisperer was more emotionally invested in winning the battle than I was. If I respond to one, it’s usually either “lol” or something like “I needed to kill 40 enemy players, and you were number 27”. I never get worked up over someone else’s saltiness anymore.
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