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Currently stuck on a Craglorn Load screen

So I decided to take that quest in Craglorn where you have to collect Fire, Ice, and Storm shards for this person, Sara or something. I opted to leave the place she opened that bigger crystal, I entered, but opted to leave to finish my skyshard hunting. Now I have been stuck on this load screen for the past 10 to 15 minutes with nothing. This area usually has bots killing the adds, so I am wondering if that is the cause of my long load screen? Since I am unable to put in a ticket through the game, can someone help me?

Last time this happened, I exited by selecting 'Quit' from the Xbox One menu when you select game... it resulted in me losing ALL the 3-5 hours of farming for gear (yes lost the gear, gold, and whatever else).

Thank you.
Edited by aquiella on September 21, 2018 1:15AM
  • aquiella

    After waiting for almost an hour I decided to quit through the XBOX One and reload the game. It apparently worked, but not sure why the long load screen... ALthough there are tons of people outside that Mage Staff area....
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