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(Mostly) Casual player looking for cool guilds. CP 160

Soul Shriven
Hi All.

I used to be a gamer for years, but life being life, I'm now just a casual gamer with familial and professional duties to attend. This explains why it took me a nearly month to level my main (which is an argonian sorctank) to CP160.

That being said, I'm now in a position where joining Guilds would most probably make the game even more enjoyable and bring a good change from the rather repetitive routine of random dungeons with random groups, especially given such activity is not challenging now I've got some decent epic gear.

This brings me here, looking for some company to do some more challenging activities (PVP, PVE), warning the candidates guilds that:
  • I cannot commit to any minimum number of raids per week (but will be able to apply only for the activities I will be able to attend, as well as provide help to guild mates with little to no notice if I am available)
  • I wont have the time to so any kind of mat farming (but already have a few characters with hirelings, as I'm a lazy person)
  • I'm not planning to subscribe to ESO plus any time soon, so I do not have access to all the content at this time (this could change in the future)
  • I'd like at least one of the guilds I'll join to provide me access to a transmute station as this will become mandatory at some point to optimize my gear
  • I know my main is not the tank the meta dictates, but I like it and I'm not planning to level an other tank (in the next few months, at least).

All that being said, I'm of good company, and fully willing to answer any kind of inquisitive questions you might have.

Thanks for reading !


  • ZOS_Sebastien

    This thread will be moved to the English forums, where you'll have more chances to find an English-speaking Guild !
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  • _krohm_
    Soul Shriven
    in fact, it can be closed as a duplicate given that I re-created it once I realized that this was the wrong forum :)
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