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Jewelry Crafting Material

Dungeons, delves, dolmens, world bosses, and public dungeons all get an extra jewelry drop chance fairly liberal.

Vet dungeons all bosses should get an extra roll at a purple set jewelry piece for a set from that dungeon or a random white, blue, green, or purple random drop.

Vet hard mode dungeons of any variety base game or DLC should give at least two party members a gold jewelry or weapon set piece from the dungeon.

Public dungeon bosses should off a greater drop chance of purple jewelry after you have completed the achievement and quest associated with each dungeon.

All jewelry currently end game marked non-deconstructable should be allowed to be deconstructed for materials only.

Deconstructing gold jewelry should offer you a roughly 10% chance at a platiting and always reward a grain at max skill point investment.

Deconstructing purple jewelry should offer roughly a 20 % chance at a playing and always reward a grain at max skill point investment with a chance at recovering multiple grains.

Deconstructing blue jewelry should offer a 40 % chance a plating, an 8 percent chance at multiple platings and always reward multiple grains up to 3 at max skill point investment..

Deconstructing green jelwery should offer a 60 % chance at a plating a 12 % chance at multiple platings and always reward multiple grains up to 4 at max skill point investment.


The golden vendor needs to offer a window say two hours before he disappears where prices are sibustantially reduced on his jewelry items in both AP and gold.

The grind to be able to construct a functional set of useable purple set jewelry is absurd and crafting a gold set should not take an average player a year to save up for, if in the right window the time it takes an average player toobtain enough gold mats to have 12 platings you guys could have delivered 2 DLC and new Chapter and released anywhere from 3 - 45 new or revamped sets, give the players a *** break.

IMO you guys way overshot the market a long way.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Pretty decent ideas, @acw37162.

    The only downside is that you have to be careful about making platings so plentiful ... that players are able to skip elite content simply by upgrading a blue piece of jewelry they earned in a normal dungeon, Trial, PvP, etc.

    As a healer for example, why would I spend the time it takes to get a clear in vet Cloudrest for purple or gold Olorime jewelry. When I can just PUG normal Cloudrest for blue jewelry, not do challenging content, and upgrade the jewelry to gold the same day?

    Edited by Taleof2Cities on September 20, 2018 8:19AM
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