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Give utility ultimates to all classes not take it away from Sorcs.

Don't take away the utility bar from overload from sorcs, all they need to do if you want this change is to make weapon abilities work on the overload utility bar.

Furthermore, they should give everyone a utility bar overload type.

Make it so if you hit block and certain ultis, or are out of range, you get an extra bar with overload type functionality.

Crescent Sweep make it need to be in range to fire the ulti attack in one shot or block cast and make it a spear overload sun based, spear out with attacks like a melee spear that wastes ultimate and heavy attack like a long range stab, and again like all others No Ulti gen.

Death Stroke be a Concealed weapon type of melee attacks as well and grant the extra bar, you take out the red daggers and same as overload but melee.

Same with Bear ulti when bear not in range of special attack or block cast so you can move in tandem with bear and use abilities but light attacks and heavy be the bears and gain control and tandem with bear. You should go into this bar in a good position with the bear and it moves with you, you control the heavy and light attacks and the abilities you want including weapon abilities work (this would be kinda sick taking cover behing bear but of course wastes ultimate and no ulti regen).

Sorc Overload could stay similar but allow weapon abilities and add add an actual ultimate for 175 without reduction passive for an electric Aoe blast in front of player if a player is in range similar to dawn break but needs to be in range to use. If you have 175 and don't want to cast it you need to block cast or be out of range.

Dragon Knight, Dragon leap when not in range or block cast extra bar and overload type with wings out and allow weapon abilities too and like all others can't build ult and the light and heavys can be shouts combined with wings and wind 💨...

There are really too many abiities that we can't use in pvp and stam sorc was that guy that could have the group utility. Maybe it's best that all classes have this. It would be so much better, one of the biggest grippes is not having slots.
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  • Alagras
    Friend you really hurt your text by not hitting the enter key nor using dots in your post.

    On the point I agree with your main idea third bar for all.

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