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Bound Aegis skill in Daedric Summoning runs for under a second then switches off!?

Hi Guys

As said in the title, my Bound Aegis IV skill in Daedric Summoning runs for under a second, then switches off!? I get a few wisps of blue smoke around my characters chest, his eyes glow briefly, then it switches off?

What's happening and why can't I use it?

Edited by mikeb16_ESO41 on September 18, 2018 3:37PM
VR16 High Elf, Sorcerer
  • virtus753
    This ability - including its animation - was changed significantly a couple of patches ago (with Summerset, iirc). It now lasts three seconds and has a different appearance than the full armor it used to show. If its actual effects are lasting under the full 3 seconds, that’s likely a bug. But you may want to have a look at the patch notes to see what to expect in terms of appearance and effects since the ability differs quite a bit from its previous incarnation.
  • mikeb16_ESO41
    Hi Virtus753

    Thanx for your reply, Wow! From one click and it's on all the time, till lasting only 3 seconds! What good would that be in a fight, you'd have to keep powering it up every 3 seconds. While you're messing around doing that you'd probably be dead?

    Why the hell do they have to keep messing around with spell's and skill's?

    I'll have a look at the patch notes as you suggested, however, I doubt if I'll be using that one again. I think I'll have to have a look at what else I could use instead. If you or anyone else has any thoughts on what might be a good substitute. Please feel free to add your thoughts here.

    Cheers Guys

    Edited by mikeb16_ESO41 on September 19, 2018 9:48AM
    VR16 High Elf, Sorcerer
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