Recruiting for vAS progression group

Soul Shriven
Looking for 1 magblade and 1 tank for core team, and a couple of magblades for subs. DPS need to hit 40k and have all relevant BiS gear required. Tanks must have +0 experience and have ebon, alkosh and earthgore.

We are a small group looking to progress through vAS +2, we have varying experience of members therefore we are a group for players who want to learn mechanics, and are going to be patient as others learn too.

Please leave a message with your psn if interested.
  • KundaliniHero
    Just coming back after taking a break from the game for a year. I am about to break 780 cp and will be at 810 once update drops. I have experience in vet trials including completing hard modes of HelRa, AA, etc. Also completed vMOL hard mode. My previous guild has since scattered to the wind looking to get back into the challenging end game content. I main a magblade. PSN KundaliniHero
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