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Random dungeon adds you to incomplete group

Hey everyone,

When selecting a random VET dungeon as DPS, I often get put into a group that is missing a tank or healer. And what happens is I sit there and I wait and wait and wait hoping a tank or healer joins our group. If I leave, I get penalized and have to wait about 12 minutes before I can queue again, which is absurd since you didn't get matched with a complete group.

Do you recommend leaving the group and waiting the penalty and requeue for a random after the penalty, or waiting it out in the group you were put in?

Seems like you shouldn't be penalized for leaving a random incomplete group you were put in. You can't do a vet dungeon without a tank or healer.

North America - PS4
  • tallscot
    Seriously, I just queued for random VET again. First time I got a group with no tank, the second time I got a group with 3 DPS!

    So now I have to wait another 13 minutes before I can queue again for a random hoping that I get a complete group.

    What's going on with the random dungeon finder?
    North America - PS4
  • Donny_Vito
    Honestly, there should be an option for the Group Finder...

    1) Match me with ANY groups (maybe get an extra bonus from this?)
    2) Match me with a NEW group to start a NEW dungeon

    It's unfortunate when, as a DPS, you want to do your daily Undaunted quests and you get put into a group that's already halfway through the dungeon. So you have to do the dungeon again, and either be a d-bag and leave halfway through or complete the dungeon again and waste your time.
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