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Version 1.20
I am Grand Master/Guild Master of the Daggerfall Covenant 1st Battalion and we here in the army are needing new members to sign up. To sign up send mail in game to Nightwolf-1304 on ps4 making a statement that you are want to join and add in any quality's you have to add to the guild more information will be available on the Ranking Discussion for Submited recruitment

My Promise to everyone
We will have many features being implimented into the guild such as a weekly pay system that I will send members.

Current Features:
Guild Heiarchy- The system is in place Currently to have 8 obtainable Army positions that are in the order of
Soldier, luitenent, Sergeant, Low officer, Recruitment officer, High officer, Commander, General.
Troop Movement System-
Commanders and generals can Move troops using the daily message by editing it on ps4.
Donations- A system where anybody willing to give Gold to the Army can by sending gold in the email to NightWolf-1304 on psn. These Donations will be used to fund getting the Headquaters,updating the headquaters and fund Army activities such as member payments if need be.

Future Guild features:
Guild Trader- Trader hired where I or a general stations our troops
Guild Heraldry- specific outfit for guild to where if they chose to dawn our gear
Guild Headquaters- A place owned by Nightwolf-1304 where all guild members can go to craft and meet higher ranks to gets orders
Guild Barracks- A place owned by generals and commanders where their assigned troops can craft and go to get orders
Member payment System- a simple system not fully implace were each individual member reiceves gold and any equipment requested that can be spared
Suppliers/Crafters- Suppliers will find resources out in the wilderness and deposit them into the guild bank for crafters to craft them into items requested by other members or into foods and other items used to improve the guilds performance in PVP and PVE.
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Daggerfall Covenant Army, Grand Master, Adlession Iverson
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