Mystical Moonlighters: a PvE/trade guild for aspiring vampires and werewolves

Soul Shriven
We are an all-around guild looking for new members. Currently we are pretty new so we dont have fancy guildhouses or huge stores, but with some teamwork we will build up to be self-sustaining.

We have weekly, cheap raffles. Raffles are tiered by lvl so we have several winners per week.

We also have weekly raffles for werewolf bites (vampire bites coming soon)

We are also a no/low requirement trade guild that values our members and rewards sales and donations. But we run mostly on donations right now.

If you're a new player interested in an RP-style, helpful guild, send me your in-game userID and ill send you an invite. You can also send me a request for invitation or information to @nomadcookie
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