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Xbox LIVE Service alert!

Currently, Myself and some other players are currently unable to get the Latest save data in the Cloud, preventing players from playing Elder scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited amongst the many other game titles, this is only temporary but frustrating to say the least.

For more details, be sure to check the Xbox LIVE service status here:
  • Beardimus
    Yup, just tried to play and it just fails syncing data. Great.
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  • OOOdragonessOOO
    Soul Shriven
    lol check xbox live status says nothing about this problem. checking it does no good. over the years they have proven they cant accurately list the problem. only thing viable for info is the red alert header. the rest is bullhockey lol. its having problems, ok, just wait it out. is all to do or say about it lol.
    Edited by OOOdragonessOOO on September 4, 2018 12:01PM
  • ZOS_Bill
    Xbox Live is currently experiencing a service interruption.

    Please check here for status updates:
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  • Hrolthar
    What happens if we can't pick up the daily reward for today, Tuesday September 4, and then miss out on the 100k gold? :(
    Edited by Hrolthar on September 4, 2018 4:06PM
  • Ardaghion
    Hrolthar wrote: »
    What happens if we can't pick up the daily reward for today, Tuesday September 4, and then miss out on the 100k gold? :(

    I think if I remember correctly, if you miss a day you'll just be a day behind but you'll have enough of a buffer before the next month starts to catch up. In other words, you'll just get the 100k gold a day late.
  • GMaxim
    Soul Shriven
    The Xbox Live service interruption has been resolved.
    But I am still getting sync issue. ESO Subscription Expires Soon. Today it is impossible to play.
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