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Mail not being received

Normally, when someone sends me mail or if I purchase something from a guild trader it will either come through immediately or it will after I switch zones. However, this is the second time that someone has sent me mail and it did not come through at all despite changing zones, relogging, etc.

This happened two days ago and the mail has still not come through. I would just brush it off as an inconvenience, but seeing as the mail was supposed to contain 1 million gold I would like to know if it's possible for support to check on the status of the mail? The player who sent it swears that he sent it to me, and since I have not received mail in the past I would like to believe that he was being honest about it and that the mail somehow just didn't go through.
  • Turelus
    Your best option is to contact customer support either via an in game ticket or the support page and logging in.

    You should be able to submit something under "missing items" or something similar to that. Let them know the dates, characters/accounts involved and hopefully they can look into it on their end.
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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