(PC)(EU) PVE social guild The Legion Of Dark Shadow part of the Dark shadow alliance

The darkest shadows need the brightest lights. Could you be that light? The Legion of Dark Shadows has opportunities for all. Vagabonds, assassins, burglars, lollygaggers and candymen, we need you! We are a multi-cultural social guild covering all time zones ( we even speak Australian, G'day cobbers!) We have a very active and opinionated Discord (multi-game content), All the usual perks, guild hall, bank, training dummies, dancing girls etc and no weekly requirements. We also offer an affiliated trading guild, Dark Shadows Trading where you can sell all your illicit gains for pure hard cash. Join us and light up the shadows.
To Join either:
join our discord = https://discord.gg/zbKA2tG
leave your @name in the comments
or Mail me in game @deek268
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