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vAS+1/2 - trouble tab targeting Llothis??

Just tried vAS+Llothis with my progession group today for the first time and was assigned the interrupter role. We wiped a few times due to not getting the interrupts out quick enough at certain points during the fight, this was mainly because I found it difficult to tab target him in time especially after he would teleport right next to the dragon boss and couldn't get a lock on Llothis. I'd press tab target multiple times but it would still focus on the dragon.

Is this a bug or known issue? Has anyone experienced the same problem or is it just me? Would love to hear a word from a dev on this. Thanks
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  • Royaji
    Olms has a giant hit box. That's pretty much it.
  • OrphanHelgen
    It's same issue with rakkath as well, can't tab target hulk or interrupt sometimes. I don't think vAS itself is bugged, I think it's a general issue.
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  • LadyNalcarya
    Olms just has a very weird hitbox. If you heavy attack him with a channeled staff (resto/lightning) you'll see that it's bigger than his model.
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  • kts
    It can definitely be tricky. I’ve been interrupting for my group the last few weeks and it has a steep learning curve.

    I can offer a few tips. Basically you cannot tab target Llothis when he is inside Olms. You have to get him targeted before the off tank stacks him, and be careful no to lose that lock. As far as regaining target lock after he ports, consider Olms’ tail to be an impenetrable wall. You need to be on the same side of the tail as Llothis or targeting will be very unreliable. Once you have him tab targeted you can move wherever, and aI recommend getting back to the tip of the tail so you are ready for the next port.

    Llothis will never port directly inside Olms, but depending where he was last killed, he may reanimate within the dragon’s hit box. For these you can forget about crushing shock. You need to position yourself between Olms and Llothis, inside the hit box, then block so Llothis doesn’t knock you back and do a good old fashioned bash. Be sure that you don’t have anything else tab targeted or even the bash might miss. You can clear target by pressing the escape key. After you get the melee bash you need to sprint or roll away because he usually ports immediately, leaving poison on the ground.

    Make sure your team knows to leave you the entire front center of the room to move around, near the tail. Then you can just kite Storm of the Heavens in a small circle or square and be ready for interrupts. I recommend shielding when his timer is at 10s, so you can start spamming crushing shock at 11s and not have to worry about casting shields. While you are learning, Iceheart and Phoenix can be incredibly helpful. Sometimes you will have to put yourself in danger to get an interrupt, or even take a death. It usually saves several lives if you get it though, since you will start to lose people if he gets off 2-3 ticks of channeled bolts.

    All this being said, I don’t think a perfect interruptor exists. I got Immortal Redeemer on my interruptor, and anyone in my group will confirm that I miss interrupts frequently. There will be times you can’t stop him from getting out 1-2 bolts. It’s really just about minimizing these times, and advising your group to shield or dodge if you know you’re going to be late on an interrupt. I hope this helps, tag me if you have any other questions.

    Edit: I’ll also mention that is you are a Sorcerer you can Negate the poison AoE that Llothis leaves behind when he ports. Just aim right in the middle. You won’t be able to Negate all of them, and trying would be a DPS loss, but if there’s one really in your way it is an option. And if you are having mobility issues, either from the group kiting in your zone, or from Exhaustive Charges and poison all over the place, it can help to slot something like Accelerate or Boundless Storm for Major Expedition, and consider using swiftt jewelry. You will have to move around more than just about anyone else in the trial (maybe less than the off-tank).

    Wow very insightful information, thanks!. Definetly will be sure to take those tips onboard, I'll get to farming iceheart as Ive also heard from one other that its really useful here. Yeah I can see why no one likes to be the interrupter atleast with the people i run with as it can have great consequences if not careful.

    I have one question, is it possible to know where Llothis will teleport too(like is there a pattern he follows) or is it always a random location on the map?
  • WrathOfInnos
    I think it’s random, I haven’t found any way to predict it. He does always seem to go to one of 4 general areas: right or left front of the dragon, or back right or left. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him port to the entrance or “exit” areas, inside the dragon, or right in the middle of the room. There is no minimum distance, I have seen him port to a location a few feet away from where he started. And definitely no maximum, he goes pretty far corner to opposite corner, which is why you should stay in the middle to avoid him getting out of crushing shock range.
  • ATomiX96
    tab targeting worked fine in vAS +2 until dragon bones patch, when our Offtank realized something is *** with the hitbox, apperently they made the hitbox of Olms Tail bigger and you couldnt target the minis through him anymore, so it made it slightly harder for the Offtank.
  • pelle412
    Tab targeting Felms or Lothis is very difficult as off-tank. I can stand with Ohlms to my back and Felms in front of me tab targeted and my range taunt can hit Ohlms who is behind me because of his gigantic hit box.
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