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Maybe this can help someone....

I was getting HUGE latency spikes of 999+ and Fps that dropped below 20! I was being booted every 5 minutes and was unable to play the game. This coincidentally happened after 4.1.5 (Wolfhunter update). I did everything - ran as admin, lowered graphics, put in several trouble tickets, ran the launcher fix, etc...I don't want to list everything it's too long. BUT after looking on line that WINDOWS 10 updates were causing Lag/Latency I reluctantly read the fixes.

CHECK YOUR WINDOWS UPDATE and see if you have ANY files either pending download or pending install. IF SO, go to this site and download their troubleshooter. I used the program and it hid my pending installs as they were OUTDATED installs that maybe are corrupted...I don't. Anyways, once I did this, my game runs like new! I really hope this helps someone. I had ZOS telling me I had to buy a new pc and that my graphics card was outdated...WRONG!!!!!! I run it on high...BEAUTIFULLY! Nvidia 840m

Here's the link:

Best of luck, fellow gamers!
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