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Where do i report some with video evidence?

So reporting a player in the game is only limited to text. But where do i post video evidence to zos without naming and shaming?
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  • ZOS_Bill
    You can start a ticket with customer support to report a player by following the steps below. Once a ticket has been opened you can then send in further evidence such as video if requested by support.


    If another player is spamming in chat, harassing another player, or if you see someone botting, report the player by to navigating to the Player Menu ([Menu] on Xbox One or [Options]) on PlayStation 4 and select the Help Menu. From there select the Customer Service Menu and submit a ticket under the appropriate category type.

    Please provide the following information:
    • The name of the player that you want to report
    • The reason why you are reporting this player (Spam, Botting or Harassment)
    • The date and time when the incident happened
    • The megaserver you are playing on
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