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Update 19 not downloading

Soul Shriven
I'm posting on behalf of another player who uses his phone to connect to the Internet to play on his PS4. Since update 19 came out he's been unable to download it. Apparently the progress bar on his side aren't showing any activity (stagnant download) and the 99 hours duration that said download is apparently going to take, though nothing is happening. Anyone that can give advice as to how I can assist a person that's not using a router for gaming?
  • ZOS_Bill
    If your friends update is still getting stuck, please have them try deleting the download followed by restarting their PS4. After the restart, they can try re-starting the update again.
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  • DaddyPtyLtd
    Soul Shriven
    Will advise him, thanx... ;-)
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  • qbit
    Wow. How does that work at all. Perhaps he should get with the wireless carrier? Or am I being daft and missing something here? Most of these places impose data caps, and you're going to hit those pretty quickly running a PS4 off an LTE or whatever connection. Even "unlimited data" plans will have you throttled to Oblivion after you hit a cap. And they very well could be blocking anything that isn't port 80 or 443 traffic after a point.

    Never heard of using a phone internet connection like this. I mean, you can get business-class cellular plans meant for backup internet connections, but those are super expensive given when/how they're used.
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