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This Tree Ruins my Immersion


So....what ruins your immersion?
Since everyone seems to be doing this,
DPS Builds:
- Magicka Sorcerer (Pet) [Flawless Conqueror @ 565CP] - 582k
- Magicka Nightblade [Flawless Conqueror @ 780CP] - 575k
- Stamina Sorcerer [Flawless Conqueror @ 420CP] - 560k
- Magicka Classless [Flawless Conqueror @ 810CP] - 540k
- Magicka Templar [Stormproof] - 550k
- Magicka Warden [Stormproof] - 510k
- Stamina Templar [In Development]
- Stamina DK [In Development]
- Stamina NB [Under 50]
  • Cadbury
    Crown store
    "If a person is truly desirous of something, perhaps being set on fire does not seem so bad."
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  • Freddycruz89
    Rain/soot/snow visuals displaying under covered structures in homes (i.e. built in blue pergolas in Princely Dawnlight Palace, crafting house in Linchal Manor, side house on Ebonheart Chateau.)
    Octavius Maximus, Founder of The Maester' Order
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  • Shadowshire
    Exiting a Homestead through a different door than the one which the character entered places the character outside the "primary" entrance to the Homestead. But the character should be outside the door through which they exited. Leaving through the rear door should not relocate the character to outside the front gate!!

    This design flaw with Gardner House in Wayrest (Glenumbra) was, in fact, corrected on the PTS after I reported it. But ZOS rushed to release the Homestead update with that flaw uncorrected. Which tells us the significance of the Public Test Server, right?

    This is the reason that I decided to not buy the Gardner House in Wayrest, and have decided to not buy the Amaya Lake Lodge in Vvardenfell. Both are interesting Homesteads, but ZOS won't enable me to enjoy owning either of them in-game because they just don't care about customer satisfaction.

    --- Shadowshire .......... ESO Plus on PC NA with Windows 7 Pro SP1

    nil carborundum illegitimi
  • pdblake
    When an NPC says they can't get to X because of all the mobs in the way. I then fight through all the mobs and meet NPC at X. How the hell did he get there before me, and if he could do that why did I just slaughter a few dozen daedra to get there?
  • pdblake
    In first person, when interacting with pretty much anything, it looks like I'm trying to tickle it.
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