More extra character slots?

Any chance of that happening? I have a severe case of alt-holism but I'd like at least 20 slots so that I can get a DPS (stam and mag), Healer and Tank version of each class.
Former Empresses: Saliva Bortschion (MagBlade), Janet From Finance (PvP MagSorc), Carla Swagan (Tank DK), Estelle Born (StamBlade), Enya Arsenal (MagPlar), Anita Nurse (Magplar Healer), Bearback Brigitte (Magden), Rachel Justice (MagDK), Nicole From Payroll (Stamden), Bailiff Belinda (PvE MagSorc), Féline Dion (StamDK), Septic Tank Tina (Necro Tank)

The runts: The Trolly Spirit (Tank Sorc), Floods-Your-Basement (Warden Healer) Dinah Asthma (Magcro), Total Top Tony (Stamcro)

The traitor
s: Janis Javelin (Stamplar, EP), Barbecue Becky (Magblade Healer, AD)

PvE: Gryphon Heart, Immortal Redeemer, Flawless Conqueror

GM: Animal Control

  • CradonWar
    I think they are increasing character slots cap in crown store once a year with another chapter.
  • VaranisArano
    They increased to 15 from 14 only because they decided to implement new leveling rewards for new characters only.
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